Rules, Systems, and Language

Rules, Systems, and Language

The following documents are workshops for Rules, Systems, and Language and Inclusion.

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Following the Rules
Rules communicate the program’s expectations and help youth and program staff to be successful in all other aspects of the program. Program managers and staff should periodically review the rules themselves, as well as review the rules with youth, to make sure the right rules are in place.

Language and Inclusion
Spoken and written language can sometimes send unintentional messages to youth in a program, leading to unintended consequences. It is important to be aware of and understand how our intent and choice of language may impact those around us.

Responding to Challenging Behavior
Problematic behavior are any behaviors that take away from the program experience for a particular person or group. Youth program staff are constantly addressing problematic behavior as youth often learn by testing boundaries. However, strategies to address problematic behavior should be part of every youth program professional development plan.